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Welcome to the pages of BodhicharyaCaribbean. We hope you find them of interest. If you are new to these ideas and practices we hope you follow them up and, as the Buddha said, "See for yourself" if they work and lead to good results:

- to freedom from suffering for yourself and others
- to the 'noble happiness'
- to finding meaning - 'understanding birth and death completely'
- and to fulfillment through a life well lived.

Our great good fortune, especially considering that we are an island people in theCaribbean, is to have as our spiritual guide a tulku, a precious one or Rinpoche, Ringu Tulku, a highly regarded Tibetan born lama, an exceptional teacher.

Rinpoche had to flee Tibet as a young boy and after a long, difficult and dangerous journey ended up in Sikkim with those of his family who had survived. They still live there today. Although they were well off in Tibet (Rinpoche is from Rigul in Kham district of Eastern Tibet) they arrived in Sikkim with nothing. Since then the family has worked hard and done well.

Rinpoche was able to study Buddhism under several great masters including the 16th Karmapa and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. As well as that he was able to pursue academic studies and received a PhD in Tibetan studies from VaranassiUniversity.

He is a fluent English speaker and has been teaching in the West for over 20 years. He has a workaday understanding of Westerners and his teachings are marked by their clarity and good humour.

As well as having a monastery in Rigul with many Tibetan monks Rinpoche has established a meditation centre in Sikkim and has monastic and lay disciples inEurope and teaching centres there.

We present on this page some of Rinpoche's teachings.
Click on 'News' to get the latest news about the island groups.
On other pages you will find out about the Bodhicharya Caribbean groups , about Bodhicharya International and Rigul Trust - Rinpoche's UK based charity.

If like to contact us please do – use the gmail address monk.rinchen at - you know how to do it!


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