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Bodhicharya Caribbean Picture Gallery

Photos of Rinpoche's November 2016 visit to 
Bodhicharya Caribbean  

Arrival VC Bird, Antigua, 30 October 

First informal dharma meeting with sangha, 31 November
Public talk, Bodhicharya Meditation Centre, Falmouth 2 November
 Refuge taking at end of day retreat, 1 November

Island tour, English and Falmouth harbours - taken from Shirley Heights, 31 November


 Rinchen joining Rinpoche's lineage by the Bodhi tree, Bodhgaya, January 2009

Kanchenzonga at dawn - view from Gangtok (the 3rd highest mountain in the world), Sikkim

With Rinpoche in Sikkim May 2012

Rinchen relaxing with Lamas Tsering and Soga at Bodhicharya Meditation Centre, Sikkim , May 2012

Rinpoche with Rinchen (finally in red robes)  in Samye Ling, June 2012

Caribbean sangha (from St.Martin, Antigua and Trinidad) with Rinpoche at KTD, New York,  November 2015 


Sangha  meetings and practice  in the Caribbean
Trini sangha still meets every week  after Rinchen has left 





Rinchen spent many years living in Montserrat as a lay practitioner and during that time Zena Kelsick and one or two others would come and sit with him.
When the volcano came in 1995 she was obliged to relocate to her home island of Trinidad with her husband Eric.
It was she who invited Rinchen to come to Trinidad as a teaching monk which he first did in 2002.

The group has met in various locations in Trinidad since then including Susconusco in Upper Santa Cruz as well as Cascade (just north of Port of Spain) where they were last meeting.

Rinchen has also been visiting inmates in Frederick Street prison and teaching them a calm abiding practice. Julian Tharpa and Andy Jikme have recently taken this class over. March this year (2016) should see all trainee prison officers learning meditation in classes given by these two.
 There has also been some teaching given in special schools by both Rinchen and Neeta.

Sangha meetings are held weekly whether Rinchen is on island or not.
Currently meetings are held on Sundays in Santa Cruz.  On the first Sunday of the month they are held in the hills thanks to the kindness of Hutch Hutchinson. Other Sundays they are held at the Stollmeyer Estate House thanks fo Julian Tharpa.
When Rinchen is off island the group meets together to meditate and listen to and then discuss a dharma talk.
Contact  Graham Gyaltso
Phone  684 5776
Email  or 
Contact Marlene Jinpa
Phone 683 0033

After Gyaltso ordination:

Introductory Class at 'The Sangha' (Moksha Yoga) 11 September 11


Last class if introductory series of six classes  16 October 2011

Certificates given for the series:


 After the Refuges and Vows Ceremony, Salybia, Sunday 30th October 2011
                            Senge, Rinchen and Palden


Carole Anne (of Trinidad sangha) taking refuges and receiving the name 'Dawa' at summer school in Portugal,  July 2012


Last karate school meditation class in St. James gym Nov '12

 At Hutch's in the Santa Cruz hills -  meditation and dharma meeting Feb 2013

 Port of Spain prison Dec 2014

Dharma evening Cascade Trinidad  2014


Rinchen first gave classes in Tobago in 2003 at the wonderful ajoupa in Kariwak Hotel gardens and we have been fortunate to be able to have meetings and practice there since that time.  The ajoupa is similar to a native Indian meeting house and was completed in 1995 just before the arrival of the Dalai Lama who blessed it. 

Meetings are held there weekly on Thursdays at 4pm. 
When Rinchen is onisland the group meets there and if a practice day or weekend retreat is offered meetings are held at a Japanese style house up Patience Hill thanks to the kindness of Masako (it even has a traditional shrine room). 
Contact  Margaret
Phone 368 4555

  Meeting in the ajoupa 

 After lay ordination: Rinchen with Sonam and Dawa

Wedding in Tobago 2014



When Rinchen is on island meetings for new people are held on Saturday mornings at 9am at the Winter's Medical Centre off Fort Road.  A class for regulars starts at 11am.

Midweek meetings are also held for regular sangha at Dina's workshop in Falmouth
at 5.30pm on Thursdays

Rinchen has also run classes for officers and inmates of  H.M.Prison  Antigua and for residents at Devon House – a halfway home for ex addicts and alcoholics.

Dina, Simone and Mako teach primary school children at Island Academy.  This has proved very helpful for the children.

When Rinchen is off island meetings are also held at Winter’s Medical Centre which is on  Fort Road to the north of the main town of St John's.  Meetings consist of a period of meditation followed by walking meditation and then refreshments.  Recently the group was  listening to Rinpoche’s  online shedra classes on the “Way of the Bodhisattva” by Shantideva. The meetings finish with a discussion of the class. 

You are most welcome to contact the group if you would like to come along and join in.

Contact:  Dina (Zangmo)
                 Phone  764 5594

 Meeting in town in the Museum 19 January 2013

Weekend retreat at Mamora Bay house 22 to 24 February 2013

After a class in H.M.Prison Antigua January  2011 and below at completion of the course in July


April 2013

 Dina Goodenough takes refuges and vows and is given the name 'Jangmu' - 18 March 2012

Jampa (Denise Martin) ordination  24 Feb 13

Simone teaching at Island Academy  Feb 2014

Photos of Island Academy visit to Bodhicharya Caribbean Meditation Centre 19 March 2014 

Town class Feb 2015

HM Prison Antigua March 2015

Art Class for special needs children at Victory Centre Dec 2014


The group in Montserrat has been able to meet at Tropical Mansion Suites thanks to the kindness of Merle who is the manageress of the hotel.
Meetings are held upstairs in the conference room.

Rinchen last visited and gave classes there in 2012 for a short stay of three days.  But for some time now the group has been very marginal as many of the former regular members have left the island - perhaps because Montserrat is still under threat the island population hasn’t quite settled down since the major eruption of 1995.
But meetings are starting up again now (Feb 2013) and Rinchen is visiting again this month.

Contact  Merle
Phone    491 8767

Out of date I’m afraid – a day retreat held at Cheri’s house quite some time ago