Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Message from Rinchen - February 15

Dear Sangha Members

We are having good sangha meetings every week and you are very welcome to come along and join in. Last Sunday was on the 'Paramitas' or 'Perfections'.

As I'm only here till the end of next month we will have the sangha evenings when I'm holding a weekend retreat on the Thursday before at 6pm.

So upcoming we have.....

Sunday 20th February 5pm Dharma evening and then Thursday 24th February 6pm Dharma evening

Please note: We will not be open for evening meditation this Thursday 17th February,
and I will be away weekend 26th/27th February leading a retreat in Tobago so we will be closed Friday evening 25th February reopening Tuesday evening 1st March.

At the risk of driving Durga Devi bonkers, we are now considering new dates for the weekend retreat, i.e. Friday evening 18th March to Sunday evening 20th March Weekend Retreat in DD's retreat house in the northern range (high up overlooking Maracas Bay).

This possible change is because I only have 4 for the previous weekend, which we were planning on, and a couple of people have told me they already have committments for that weekend and would otherwise have liked to have come*.

Articles invited for Many Roads magazine
Melissa looked at the 'Many Roads' section of the Bodhicharya website which is their online magazine and kindly offered to help with that and the editing of it (she's a professional in that field).

She's already received an email of thanks from Margaret Ford who is the current editor (she also edited the 'Lazy Lama' series). Margaret indicated she'd really appreciate the help.

Margaret has also asked if members of our sangha could write short articles about their coming into contact with the dharma and meditation, how this Bodhicharya group was set up, and why they found themselves attracted to Buddhism.

If you would like to offer an article please get a draft out within the next couple of weeks.

Shoes wanted for Trini boys who have none
We have found out that some of the boys at St. Michael's School for Boys (which is in Diego Martin and is a boarding school for boys who have fallen foul of the law) do not have even a single pair of shoes to wear. Most have but there are 60 something boys in the school and Neeta has offered to coordinate any gifts of new or second hand shoes you might like to offer. Her email is

Thanks for doing that Neeta!

For sale
At present we have books in Rinpoche's 'Lazy Lama' series as well as benches and zafus
The house phone is now back working 625 3438. You can still reach me on my cell 710 8413.

With best wishes to all

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Message from Rinchen - February 10

Dear Sangha Members

Retreat Weekend

I must have heard it wrong at the sangha meeting on Sunday - I thought people were asking for the weekend before carnival but it was the weekend after. Aha!

Durga Devi is holding this weekend for us but please book up soon so I can confirm to her it's on. For those who already booked please let me know you can make this new date.

Friday evening 11th March to Sunday evening 13th March - Weekend Retreat in Durga Devi's retreat house in the northern range (high up overlooking Maracas Bay).

This will be a great opportunity to do some concentrated meditation in quiet surroundings. We will as well do samu (work practice), play meditation and have dharma talks, discussions, reading periods and quiet times.

It's said to be essential if we want to deepen our practice to do a daily practice and at least one retreat a year.


There is room for 10 people in all. Men and women sleep in seperate areas. Fold out beds are provided but you will need your own sheets.

We will need to take all our food and drinks for the weekend. There is a small fridge. Please bring a change of clothing and if you would prefer to work outside during those periods please bring outdoor gear. Also bring your sitting equipment and toiletries (if you have no sitting equipment plase let me know and I'll find some for you.

Book up as early as you can by phone or email. The house rental will be about $2400TT and you are also asked to make a donation (for monk and sangha).

If you have a dharma topic you would like discussed during the weekend please let me know.

After a bit of a runaround today it looks like I'll be doing some teaching here in a special school for boys (young offenders of 10 to 21 years) as well as in the T&T prisons. I'm pleased about that.

The house phone is now back working 625 3438. You can still reach me on my cell 710 8413.

With best wishes to all